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If I were asked to summarize my entire ministry in a few short words, I would say “Knowing God.”  It is important to me that everyone knows the Lord Jesus Christ. The lyrics of my songs are the very expression of that God given desire.  For me, knowing God goes much deeper than salvation from sin or deliverance from hell fire.   My greatest hope is that everyone realizes how wonderful it is to know the Lord intimately.  Much like getting married, the wedding is a beautiful and exciting experience, but it’s not the marriage.  In fact, any consenting male and female can get married.  Documented are countless marriages of convenience or citizenship, etc., which diminishes marriage to a mere technicality.  It takes a committed relationship for people get to really know each other and find a deeper sense of love and security.  That is what I experience in knowing the Lord.  And, I want so much for the whole world to discover the “Treasure” that I have found.

The enemy has been extremely shrewd in putting up barriers that keep us from knowing our loving Savior.  We have been so focused on the things that are inconsequential that we have missed what’s important; that it’s all about relationship.  It’s not about rules, style of clothes, or music; it’s not about race, age, culture or denomination; it’s about knowing God.  When we’re on the outside looking in and all we see are people who look and behave different from us, we disregard it and walk away thinking we’ll never fit in.  But who are we looking at?  If we can stop looking at man, and start looking for the Lord, we will always fit in, with Him.  Isn’t that what truly matters?  Meeting the expectations of others can be a futile endeavor, but God has already accepted us; he already loves us.  He will never cast away a heart that searches for him. 

Everyone in life has ups and downs, but being in relationship with the Lord is a win-win lifestyle.  Even our downs turn out to be ups, Romans 8:28.  I consider myself to be a practical person.  If the pitfalls we have in life were the result of my initiation into the human race, then I would rather experience them with Omnipotence to lean on.

How sad it is that the world continually tries to live without the Lord.  Generations upon generations; seeking, devising, strategizing, theorizing; yet, unable to embrace the inner peace and fulfillment that only comes from the very source they are trying to eliminate.  When I look at the state of the world today, I think it’s safe to conclude that their way is not working!  By the way, isn’t the definition for insanity doing the same thing repeatedly, while expecting a different outcome?

Wake up people, “WE NEED GOD.”  He is more of a reality than life.  He is life!  If I can get that message across to as many people as possible, my purpose will have been fulfilled.  Before deciding against God, make it an educated decision; get to know Him!

Sunnyside Up
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1. Everything
2. Sunnyside Up
3. The Bible Is
4. Yes
5. Rock Bottom
6. Treasures

7. The One
8. Heal the Land
9. High Praises
10. You Alone
11. Answer My Heart
12. Integrity
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